Moving Beyond Metal: Surgical Guides & Heart Valve Tools

Corrosion, wear, and patient metal hypersensitivities are prominent issues with metal spinal implants. Several medical researchers’ studies reveal metal spinal implant failures, metal staining of skin, unexplained pain and neurological effects.

Plastic spinal implants

Proved to be the future due to their biocompatibility, load capacity, radiolucency, and stress crack resistance. Earlier this year, the FDA approved Bone Grafts to be used with PEEK.

Med Device_Zeniva ZA-600 CF30 PEEK image

Roncelli Plastics’ spinal implant line is comprised of PEEK Optima®, Virgin PEEK, and Zevina ZA-600 CF30 materials.

Zevina ZA-600 CF30

Twice as strong as natural PEEK. This durable material offers radiolucency, helps implants lessen bone density reduction and since the material can be modified in size and scale, makes it less intrusive and cost efficient. See this article for more details.


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Heart Valve Tools & Surgical Targeting Guides

During heart-related surgeries, keeping the valves clean is vital to ward off infection and to prevent tissue damage.  Our heart valve retainers are meticulously designed and manufactured to aid the medical community in this endeavor.  Each heart valve tool is comprised of Ultem 1000, which is quite resilient under steam sterilization.  The trauma target guides we produce incorporate PEEK and Carbon-filled PEEK to satisfy the need for biocompatibility, rigidness, and radio opaqueness. 

Our product list includes cervical sizers/spacers, spinal fusion cages, and thoracolumbar sizers. See our complete line of medical devices here

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