Roncelli Robots from Quazmo Productions on Vimeo.


Roncelli Plastics recently added 2 Sawyer Robots to work closely with team members and support long run manufacturing processes. Sawyer is a high performance collaborative robot that integrates with CNC Machining operations to support loading & unloading parts, finishing operations, and an overall increase in throughput.


Both Sawyer robots offer a unique opportunity to the entire team at Roncelli Plastics. For long run orders that require significant loading & unloading time, machine operators can now use that time for inspection while Sawyer loads and unloads material. As Statistical Process Control (SPC) continues to become an industry standard for quality, the operator/robot relationship serves as an efficient strategy to ensure the consistent delivery of high quality parts.


Are you working with plastic parts that may be a candidates for efficient robot pricing? Upload your model or drawing to our Request for Quote page and a Roncelli team member will follow up with a robot assessment.




Posted on Mar 21, 2018 10:35:15 AM by Tom Gilfillan in Lean Manufacturing

Tom Gilfillan

Written by Tom Gilfillan