A premier manufacturer of thermoplastics and composite components, Roncelli Plastics has partnered with the most innovative corporations to support their plastic requirements. Roncelli Plastics invests in the latest manufacturing technologies to achieve the most stringent customer requirements,  while maintaining world class levels of quality and cleanliness.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Roncelli Plastics Plastics Manufacturer near me
  • Vericut Optimization Plastics Engineering and Design Support
  • Roncelli Plastics Facility Plastics and Composite Machining
  • Lathe Cell Precision Plastics Machining
  • Milling Cell. CNC Machining
  • Deburr at Roncelli Plastics Solvent Bonding Cryogenic Annealing Part Marking

No matter the industry, Roncelli Plastics is committed to meeting every customer requirement and qualification. Roncelli Plastics' plastic and composite machining capabilities and technologies provide superior finishing, tolerance objectives down to +/- .0001”, excellent burr control, component cleanliness, annealing expertise, and proprietary post processing techniques.

Plastic Machining

  • 5 Axis CNC Milling (up to 21”³)
  • 3 Axis CNC Milling (up to 30”x 60”)
  • CNC Turning (up to 18” in diameter)
  • CNC Swiss (30mm in diameter)
  • Injection Molding (shot size up to 9.63 oz)
  • Multi Axis Swiss Machining
  • Climate Controlled Machining Center
  • Pallet Automation Systems

Assembly of Components

  • Subassembly Hardware Installation
  • Class IV Laser Part Marking
  • ISO 14644-1 Class 3 (Class 1000) Clean Room Packaging & Assembly

Die Cutting / Stamping / Forming

  • Die Cutting of plastic, rubber, thin film metals, gaskets, foams
  • Plastics forming and welding
  • Thermal & Vacuum forming
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Rapid Production Manufacturing (RPM)

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  • CNC Mill Roncelli-1.png
  • 5 axis Mill Roncelli.png
  • Roncelli FDM.png

The Rapid Production Manufacturing (RPM) cell is a specially designed manufacturing process to support customers who are working with a shortened development cycle or experiencing problems due to a line down. Roncelli's RPM cell emphasizes speed-to-market procedures while offering the full capabilities of the production facilities in a compressed lead time.

Quick Turn Machining

  • 3 Axis & 5 Axis CNC Mills
  • CNC Turning
  • Tolerances down to +/-.0005”
  • Turnaround time less than 1 week

Quick Turn Die Cutting

  • Maximum part size of 12” by 18”
  • Tolerances down to .002”
  • Turnaround time in 1 week

3D Printing

  • Fusion Deposition Modeling
  • Precision 3D printed parts from Ultem & Polycarbonate
  • Tolerances down to +/- .0015”
  • Turnaround time in less than 2 days


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Engineering & Design Support

Roncelli Engineers.png

The Roncelli Plastics' Application Development team is trained in the industry's latest material specifications, material formulations, and cutting-edge manufacturing methods to address every customer need. With decades of experience and knowledge aiding the design of mission critical components, the Application Development and Quality Assurance team is trained to ensure long term reliability, safety, and success.

Material Selection & Support

  • Reverse engineering & material identification of current parts
  • Selection of material for optimal performance and new product implementation (NPI)
  • Custom formulated materials for specific application requirements

Design for Manufacturability

  • Material data sheets, safety data, and material presentations for engineering groups
  • Metal to plastic conversion analysis
  • Custom fixturing and inspection techniques analysis
  • Industry best practices and design optimization
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Quality & Certifications

Clean Room 1.jpg

Providing customers with high quality components is the number one goal for the team at Roncelli Plastics. To this end, Roncelli Plastics maintains Third Party Registrations to several quality standards through NSF-ISR. Additionally, Roncelli Plastics incorporates numerous quality control systems and processes to support every manufacturing assignment.


  • AS9100 Registered
  • ISO 13485 Registered
  • ISO 9001 Registered
  • ISO27001 Registered
  • ITAR Registered

Quality Practices

  • Copy Exact
  • ISO 14644-1 Class 3 (Class 1000) Clean Room
  • Lot Traceable & Certified Materials
  • First Article, In process, & Final Inspection on all Orders
  • Programmable CMM Inspection
  • PPAP & PFMEA Capable