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Increasing process efficiencies and maximizing productivity is of critical importance within the competitive industry of precision manufacturing, no matter the size of the operation. As a trusted supplier of aerospace, medical, and semiconductor precision components, our commitment to streamlining manufacturing processes through lean technologies and methodologies allows Roncelli Plastics to compete with larger rivals and overseas competition.


By combining our manufacturing capabilities with technologies like pallet automation, Roncelli Plastics has improved our level of efficiency while maintaining the highest level of quality. As is often the case, manufacturing buyers seek the shortest lead times possible for every order, and their preferred suppliers are the facilities that can support quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality parts. Pallet automation allows Roncelli Plastics to meet compressed lead times by utilizing “lights out” operations for production quantities. Normally, manufacturing operations and machine shops run during standard labor hours, but with pallet automation, Roncelli’s automated machining operations can run constantly and efficiently with little to none human interaction or human error.


As more and more components within the aerospace, space, medical, and semiconductor industries require 100% inspection, lean manufacturing processes like automation allow supervisors and machinists to focus their time more on quality inspection versus loading and unloading of parts. In addition to the reduced time on production runs and higher volumes, improved time management for machinists, and increased part accuracy, automated manufacturing technologies also improve the overall safety within the organization.


Roncelli Plastics has been a leader in the world of precision plastic manufacturing since 1969. To learn more about Roncelli Plastics' manufacturing capabilities and how they can benefit your business, visit www.roncelli.com/capabilities and request a quote today!





Posted on Aug 7, 2017 10:28:01 AM by Tom Gilfillan in Lean Manufacturing

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